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About Us

Finding the Beauty in Every Home

BV was founded because we believe you should be able to see the beauty of each house online. By using virtual interactive tours you expand your buyer base and reduce your travel. If you have ever been buying, selling, or marketing a property you understand the time involved in showing the property to every client in person. BV tours wants to reduce the number of false leads and bring qualified vetted leads to the table faster.  

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Our Story

BV Virtual tours was born in 2022 to bring the real-estate industry into the new era.

When the pandemic hit back in 2020 we found out just how hard it is to function in the new era of online transaction. When we were looking to buy a new home it hit us that we would not be able to look at any properties and get a feel for the space.

This had to change.

Here at BV Virtual we strive to bring the character of each home to life in an interactive format. Bringing each property to life online is essential in the new online markets. 

BV's Mission 

BV's Vision

BV's Mission is to Bring every home to life online with High Quality Virtual tours

High quality affordable Virtual Tours for every property

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